EMERGENCIES will happen, do you have a plan?

Developed by a team of Professional First Responders, our program will educate, prepare and provide you with a plan for the most common emergencies affecting families today. 

The uncertainty during an emergency can be debilitating. 

We developed a program to guide you, step by step, through the process. 


Your family will be ready, and have a better understanding of:

These and other leading organizations recommend all citizens and communities have a Hazard Plan.

Ryan B.
Boulder, CO
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My teenage daughter called me at work and said there was a water leak in the basement. Because of this program it was easy to walk her through shutting it off until I could get home! Saved me a ton of water damage!
Jerry Coleman
San Diego, CA.
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I don't normally leave reviews but I had to on this. It wasn't 2 weeks until we had the ambulance at our home for my wife. They were SO appreciative of the information I had prepared in advance for them.
Thomas and Lori Bruce
Wellington, Fl
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This was worth every penny. We feel so much better after going through the material. Bring on the next hurricane! THANK YOU!
Lisa R.
Grand Junction, Co.
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We had no idea how much we didn't know about these subjects until we completed the online presentation. Wish we would have done this years ago! We will be gifting this to our parents as well.
The Smithfields
Toledo, OH
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We showed this to our neighbor that is a firefighter and he was VERY impressed. He wishes every person in America knew this information and was this prepared. We are really glad we were told about this from a friend. We will recommend this to our family and neighbors. Thank you, Tom and Nicole Smithfield
Tulsa, OK.
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My wife and I really enjoyed the course. It is well put together and offers a ton of useful information. You can tell these folks have a lot of knowledge and experience. Well worth it. (On a side note, our plumber was here working on our sprinkler system and was overly impressed by the utility labels!)

After our program, you will have a better understanding of the most common emergencies affecting families today and have a comprehensive plan to reference when these misfortunes arise. 

Additionally, we provide many recommendations and steps to implement to prepare and help secure your residence against these emergencies. 

Customers have used their plan within weeks of completing it!