April Showers bring…flooding!

There are many home disasters to be familiar with and prepare for. Each type entails different protocols, and we have broken down common types below.

Some areas are prone to frequent flooding. Even a flash flood, which occurs in less than six hours, can lead to devastation. Plan ahead with these steps.

  • Be prepared to evacuate at any moment, and have your emergency kit on hand, ready to go.
  • Stay out of floodwaters. Keep your kids out of them, too. If a flowing stream of water goes above your ankles, opt for a different route.
  • Head toward higher ground if there’s a flash flood warning in your neighborhood. Stay there until it’s safe to return. Flood warnings are issued when flooding is about to occur or is already. A flood watch means floods are possible and to be prepared.
  • Stay alert at all times, but especially at night when it’s harder to notice floods.

Do you have a Hazard Plan?