It’s getting hot in here!

Extreme heat is the most deadly weather-related hazard. The CDC notes that more than 600 people in the United States die every year of heat-related causes. Even when death doesn’t occur, excessively high temperatures cause discomfort and may result in fainting and illness.

These high temperatures are not getting any better, either. Temperature records were set in 2020, 2021, and 2022, disrupting human health, agriculture, and other essential components of life. Fortunately, a bit of preparation goes a long way. To get started, consider these tips:

  • Check the weather forecast frequently.
  • Make sure your home’s AC units are working if you have them.
  • Switch fans on to ensure they work. If they don’t, purchase new ones before the next heatwave hits.
  • Gather at least a few changes of appropriate and comfortable clothing. Bright, loose, and airy are best.
  • Stay indoors as much as possible, and keep your doors closed.
  • Wear sunscreen and reapply it regularly if you must go outdoors.
  • Head to a friend’s, the library, mall, or theater if your house does not have air conditioning. Check with your municipality or the Red Cross for cooling center locations.
  • Keep children and pets hydrated and in the shade.
  • Drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated.
  • Keep windows and shades closed during the day so cool air stays inside. Open the windows at night if it’s cool enough. By safe home team

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