About US


Having over 50 years of combined experience in Emergency Services, our team has seen a variety of circumstances.

From medical emergencies, law enforcement issues, hazardous materials, fires, car accidents, water rescue or weather related incidents, the one thing that has a direct impact on the outcome is planning and preparation prior to the incident.

We are honored to use this knowledge, education and experience to help others develop an emergency plan.

The Goal

Our goal is to ensure people have the tools, information and resources to stay safe, informed and self sufficient in the event of an emergency. 

The Mission

Our mission is to strengthen individuals and communities by providing comprehensive hazard plans that equip them with the knowledge and resources necessary to prepare for and recover from an emergency. By providing education, resources, and personalized planning services, we aim to instill a culture of preparedness and empower people with the knowledge and confidence necessary to face a crisis with resilience and determination.